Plantation Gardens

Ocean Ridge Plantation - Plantation Gardens

For those families with a green thumb or aspirations to have a garden or hone their gardening skills, the Plantation Gardens is a wonderful venue to accomplish your goals. The centerpiece of the Plantation Gardens is the original farm house that existed on the property dating back to the mid 1800s and serves as the gardens tool shed. Everything you’ll need for a successful garden are located in the historic home, including shovels, rakes, tiller and various gardening tools.

The Plantation Gardens offer three district gardening regions, including the perennial garden, community garden and private gardening plots.

Perennial Garden

The perennial garden is design and maintained by Ocean Ridge Plantation’s own gardening club with the purpose to showcase common perennials and serve as an area to educate owner’s about gardening in the Carolinas. With the assistance of the roughly 11 master gardeners residing in Ocean Ridge, you can learn how to properly maintain your yard and beds.

Community Garden

The community garden is a vegetable garden planted and maintained by the Ocean Ridge Plantation® gardening club and all produce is available to residents. Owners will receive an email detailing what is available to be picked or vegetables that have been picked and located on the farm house porch for residents to consume. If you are planning a garden salad for dinner, stop by the farm house for farm fresh tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce.

Private Plots

Enjoy the fruits of your gardening passion with your own private garden plot. The plots are available on a first come, first serve basis and a small annual fee is charged for use of community tools and the established irrigation system. Whether your passion is roses, tomato varities or a mix of your garden favorites, then you can plant and eat to your hearts content.